Mr. & Mrs. 420 (2014)

Genres Comedy,
Categories Punjabi,
Released 14th March 2014
Duration 132 mins
Viewed 193+ Times
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Plot: Deputy (Binnu Dhillon) wants to be an actor like Dharmendra but has to settle for playing Surpanakha (character) in a local Ramlila because of the lack of opportunity. His friend Jass (Jassi Gill) is unemployed and in love with a young woman who will only marry if he finds a job. Their families feel humiliated because of them. They join their friend Palli (Yuvraj Hans) in a town for a better future and to prove themselves
Storyline: The big problem is that this cannot be done until they have a place to stay. Then comes Babbu (Babbal Rai), friend of Palli, to their rescue. It does not last long because of their parting one night. They have to look for another shelter. According to their budget, they are getting places that will only allow married couples to stay. So they lie about their marital status — somehow Palli and Jass convince Babu and Deputy to play their wives to get a roof over their heads.

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