Jogajog (2015)

Jogajog (2015)
Genres Drama,
Categories Bengali,
Released 8th May 2015
Duration mins
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Plot: Set in the late 70's of the last century when sharp contrasting values of rural urban divide of our society was facing challenge to come to terms with the fast changing world. Kumudidini, a beautiful girl in her mid- 20s having spiritual bend of mind; raised in the serene atmosphere of Indian village, oblivious about the materialistic world; was compelled by circumstances to a nuptial bondage with Madhusdan Ghosal, a 50 year old city bred, egocentric, coarse natured highly successful business man. For Kumudinil who had been brought up in a strict moral code and in the aristocratic background, marriage meant to be a holy act with the Lord (Lord Krishna whom she worshiped like Devotee Meera). But for Madhusudan, marriage was an instrument of sexual act. Being denied by wife for his loveless lust, he attempted to rape his wife. So Kumudini confronted obvious problems of conflicting values that took the relationship to its worst height. Kumudini couldn't take it more, finally she left the huge sprawling mansion of her husband and returned to her brother, Biprodas. But soon it was discovered that she was cruelly tied to her husband's family.... she was pregnant!! Now what should she do? Should she return to her husband and fight for a dignified identity of a mother and woman in that family or remain in the paternal old home where time seemed to have stood still

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