Inthalo Ennenni Vinthalo (2019)

Inthalo Ennenni Vinthalo (2019)
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Released 30th January 2019
Duration mins
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Plot: Vishnu (Nandu) is all set to get married to Vandana (Sowmya Rajendran). The marriage is less than a day away. This is when his friends force him to throw up a bachelor’s party at a bar. A reluctant Vishnu obliges. At the bar, a low-end but ruthless gangster arrives with Tara (Pooja Ramachandran). One of the hero’s friends instantly mistakes her for a whore and woos her. She reacts favourably without the gangster’s knowledge and asks the hero’s friends to wait outside. Least do they know that Tara has got other plans. A kind-hearted Vishnu is potentially in serious trouble when she goes out of control.

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